Project Management

  Project Integration Management

  • Integrated Initiation and Planning
  • Integrated Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control
  • Integrated Project Change Control and Close
  Project Scope Management

  • Project Requirements and Defining Scope
  • Create Work Breakdown Structure
  • Monitoring and Controlling Project Scope
  Project Time Management

  • Defining and Sequencing Project Activities
  • Estimating Activity Resources and Durations
  • Developing and Controlling the Project Schedule
  Project Cost Management

  • Estimating and Budgeting Project Costs
  • Controlling Costs SCORM/AICC
  Project Quality Management

  • Project Quality Planning
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  Project Human Resource Management

  • Planning Project Human Resources
  • Managing Project Human Resources
  Project Communications Management

  • Stakeholders and the Communications Management Plan
  • Processes for Managing Project Communications
  Project Risk Management

  • Risk Management Planning
  • Performing Risk Analysis
  • Risk Response, Monitor, and Control
  • Identifying Project Risks
  Project Procurement Management

  • Planning Project Procurement
  • Managing Procurements
  Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

  • The Role of Ethics in Project Management
  • Core PMI® Values and Ethical Standards
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