Excel 2013 Advanced

Course Overview

This course is for you if you are an experienced Excel user and if you want to tap into the more powerful features of Excel 2013, such as lists analysis, What-If tools, VLookup, Pivot Tables, Macros etc

Course Duration

The duration of this course is 1 day, 9.00 – 17:00, with one hour for lunch.

Course Objectives

After the course, you will be able to:

  • Use Lookup & Informational Functions
  • Create Pivot Tables
  • Use What-If Tools
  • Sharing and Tracking Workbooks
  • Record Basic Macros


To really appreciate the course, you would need to be very skilled at the use of Excel 2003 or 2007 and understand key concepts of spreadsheets, or equivalent to Intermediate level.

Course Duration

This is a 1 day Excel 2013 Advanced Course. Course starts at 09:30 and runs until 16:30

Course Location

This course is available Onsite, and as a public course here at our training facility in Westpark Business Campus, Shannon.

Course Outline

Lookup & Information Functions

  • Build the Vertical Lookup (Vlookup) function
  • Build the Horizontal Lookup (Hlookup) function
  • Build the Match and Index functions
  • Build the IsText, IsValue, IsDate , IsNull , IsErr, IsNa functions
  • Build and use Database Functions

Pivot Tables

  • Create A PivotTable
  • Change the PivotTable layout
  • Manipulate PivotTable fields
  • Format the PivotTable and apply Styles
  • Use Banding (Formatting)
  • Group & Ungroup items
  • Filter data in the PivotTable
  • Insert calculated fields
  • Change calculation options
  • Change PivotTable Options
  • Display and hide data in fields
  • Lay out reports on worksheet
  • Create a PivotChart from report
  • Manipulate PivotChart fields
  • Use Slicers

What If Analysis

  • Create and manipulate Scenarios
  • Create and change Custom Views
  • Build scenario Reports
  • Use the Goal Seek tool
  • Use Solver & Advanced Solver Features
  • Build Data Tables

Protecting & Sharing Files

  • Share a file
  • Track changes
  • Accept or reject changes
  • View Change history
  • Apply Data validation rules
  • Insert, edit and delete comments

Introduction to Macros

  • Review the purpose of Macros
  • Record a macro
  • Save a macro
  • Edit a Macro
  • Absolute and relative records
  • Running macros:
  • Apply macro to Custom buttons on the Ribbon or Quick Access toolbar, keyboard shortcuts

Customising Excel

  • Customise the Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbons
  • Set Workbook options
  • Change workbook defaults


  • View Template Types
  • Use Normal Template
  • Open Sample Templates
  • Create Custom Templates
  • Use Custom and online Templates
  • Open And Edit Templates
  • Setting Template Properties

Objects In Excel

  • Insert, Format And Delete Objects
  • Insert A Drawing Object
  • Use the design ribbon
  • Use SmartArt
  • Apply Formatting to SmartArt
  • Use QuickStyles
  • Explore 2D And 3D Formatting
  • Insert and use WordArt
  • Insert and Format Shapes
  • More on Themes and styles
  • Manually Format an object
  • Customise or create A Them

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