MS Project 2013

Course Overview

Microsoft Project 2013 training course is for you if you are new to the use of Microsoft Project application as a project management tool.

Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to introduce you to MS Project 2013 and to fully prepare you to

  • Understand Project Management Terms
  • Create and Manage project Tasks
  • Apply project Resources
  • Apply Project Costings
  • Track Project activities
  • Create Project Reports


While you do not require prior MS Project experience, it is expected that you would have good basic Windows, Mouse and Keyboard skills to make the most of this course.

Course Duration

MS Project 2013 Foundation is a 2 day course, each day starting at 09:00 until 17:00, with 1 hour for lunch

Course Location

This course is available either on-site or as a public course at our training facility here in Westpark Business Campus, Shannon.


Course Outline

Project and Project Terms

  • Theory of Project Management
  • Project User Interface, Windows, Quick Access Toolbar , Ribbons, File Tab, View Button
  • Using Help
  • Terminology
  • The Project Triangle
  • Creating a project
  • Default settings
  • Define project
  • Priorities

Create a Project Calendar

  • Create a New project Calendar
  • Set the Default working Hours & Week
  • Alter Hours of Working Day
  • Set additional Non-Working Days e.g. Bank Holidays
  • Applying a calendar to a project

Entering and Linking Tasks

  • Enter Tasks, Set Durations and create Milestones
  • Manual vs automatic scheduling
  • Task information dialog
  • The indicator column
  • Create summary tasks
  • Using the outline tools
  • Link and unlink tasks, Link types
  • Predecessors and Successors
  • Add notes

Task Relationships and Critical Path

  • Finish to Start, Start to Finish, Finish to Finish and Start to Start
  • How to Avoid Dangling Tasks
  • Theory of Critical Path
  • Showing the Critical Path
  • Slack Time
  • Creating lead and Lag time

Navigation and Project Views

  • View button
  • Use Goto selected task Button
  • Use the Zoom tools To change timescale
  • View the timeline
  • Split views
  • Add tasks to timeline
  • Format Time-scale
  • Switch view to Calendar View
  • Switch view to Network Diagram
  • Switch view to Gantt Chart
  • Keyboard Short Cuts for Views
  • More views option


  • Enter resources
  • Resource types
  • Labels , names and groups
  • Set costs, standard and overtime
  • Cost per use
  • Resource Information dialog
  • Add notes
  • Pro rata
  • Cost Rate Tables
  • Fixed Task Costs
  • Resource Calendars
  • Availability
  • Task assigning

Task Constraints & Task Management

  • General (default) Constraints
  • Hard Constraints
  • Soft Constraints
  • Deadlines
  • Remove deadlines / constraints
  • Scheduling Project from Start Date
  • Scheduling Project from Finish Date
  • Delay and reschedule
  • Fixed Duration vs Fixed units
  • Create and assign Task Calendars

Project Costing

  • Resource Costs
  • Duration Driven
  • Show Project Statistics for project cost and duration
  • Show cost table (Gantt view)
  • Identify over allocations
  • Deal with over allocations


  • Setting a baseline
  • Clearing a baseline
  • Marking tasks % complete
  • Using the tracking Gantt to spot slippage
  • Inactivate tasks
  • Reschedule workload
  • Levelling options
  • Splitting tasks

Sorting, Grouping & Filtering

  • Sorting tasks by non-default sort order
  • Apply grouping levels
  • Use the AutoFilter
  • Use In-built filters for Filtering Tasks

Table usage

  • Switch tables
  • More tables
  • Add columns
  • Hide columns

Producing Reports

  • Overview
  • Run Task Usage reports
  • Run Current Activities reports
  • Run Costing reports
  • Run Work load reports
  • Run visual reports to Excel or Visio
  • Running Custom reports


  • Print preview
  • Gantt Chart
  • Network Diagram
  • Calendar View
  • Page Setup Options
  • Print options
  • Snapshot to other application

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