PowerPoint 2013 Foundation

Course Overview

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 introduces a number of exciting and powerful features that empower you to create stunning presentations for that important board meeting, that winning sales pitch or unattended kiosk-type presentation. With these new features, come added complexity, more toolbars, more menus etc. Our PowerPoint 2013 Foundation course will help you to quickly master all these new features and make it possible for you to become productive with PowerPoint 2013 very quickly.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Create Presentations
  • Format Presentations
  • Create Charts, Tables, Diagrams etc
  • Create Handouts
  • Animate and Present

Course Duration

PowerPoint Foundation is a one-day course. The course starts at 9:00 and finishes at 17:00, with one hour for lunch.

Course Venue

The course can be provided on-site if you have four or more participants. Our public courses are generally held at our training facility located at Westpark Business Campus, Shannon.

Course Outline

Navigating PowerPoint 2013

  • User interface overview Ribbons, Tri Pane View (Normal)
  • File Tab and usage
  • Navigation Pane
  • The PowerPoint views and how to access them
  • Using Help

PowerPoint 2013 Views

  • The Normal (Tripane) View
  • The Slide Sorter View
  • The Notes Pages View
  • The Reading view
  • The Slide Show View
  • The View in Black and White
  • Viewing the Slide Miniature
  • Accessing Print Preview
  • How to access Outline View

Creating a New Presentation with PowerPoint 2013

  • Creating A New Presentation and Saving
  • Create a presentation from inbuilt templates
  • Placeholders
  • Adding New Slides – entering & editing Text (slide view)
  • Understanding Slide Layouts and changing / reapplying a layout
  • Understanding the text levels
  • Entering bulleted text
  • Adding Freeform Text (text Boxes)
  • Creating Blank Slides

Formatting Text

  • Text Selection
  • Formatting Text
  • Formatting Backgrounds (Slide and Placeholder)
  • Formatting Numbered and Bulleted Lists
  • Format Painter
  • Entering text in Outline
  • Changing text levels
  • Shortcut keys for navigating in outline

Drawing Tools

  • The Insert Ribbon
  • The design & format ribbons
  • Drawing basic shapes freehand
  • Creating regular shapes
  • Formatting Shapes including 3D, Shadows and Fill Effects
  • Enter and format Smart Art
  • Set Shape Options
  • Connect shapes
  • Move and Copy Drawn Objects
  • Work with Guides and Visible Grid
  • Align & Distribute Objects
  • Flip and Rotate Objects
  • Order and Group Objects (layering)
  • Enter and format text within a shape
  • Inserting WordArt

Graphics and Clipart

  • Insert Clip Art
  • Moving and Resizing
  • Format Ribbon and Clip Art
  • Grouping and Ungrouping Clip Art

Tables and Charts

  • Create and use a table
  • Add text
  • Insert columns and rows
  • Format a Table
  • Create a chart
  • Edit the Chart Type
  • Edit the Chart Options
  • Format a chart
  • Create an organisation Chart (Smart Art)
  • Create an organisation Chart (Shapes)
  • Edit and Format an Organisation Chart

Slide Masters and Templates

  • View the Slide Master
  • Add a company logo to every slide
  • Format the background
  • Colour Schemes
  • Format the Title Area and Object Area
  • Change Headers & Footers
  • Using Multiple Slide Masters
  • Preserving a Slide Master
  • Viewing the Title Master
  • Editing the Title Master
  • View the layout masters
  • Create your own layout
  • Remove layouts from master
  • Apply a Design Template to a slide or master
  • Slide Design Task Pane
  • Creating your own Design Template (using a Master)
  • Apply your own design template
  • Change settings of the Standard Master design

Transitions and Animation

  • Transition Effects
  • Animation Schemes
  • Preview Animations
  • Custom Animation
  • Using Animation to Build Bullet Points
  • Animate a Chart
  • Animate smart art
  • Animate a shape
  • Animation Paths
  • Animating multiple objects simultaneously
  • Animation Timeline
  • Reorder animations
  • Animation settings

Slide Shows

  • Rehearsing the timing of a Presentation
  • Right Click options to use during slide shows
  • Slide Navigation
  • Hiding / Unhiding Slides
  • Run / Exit slideshows

Saving presentations

  • Saving as a presentation
  • Saving as a slideshow
  • Saving as a video
  • Publish to web / SharePoint
  • Save to other formats

Printing Presentations

  • Print Preview
  • Printing Slides
  • Printing Hand-outs
  • Printing Notes Pages
  • Printing Outline View
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