Word 2013 Intermediate

Course Overview

Microsoft Word intermediate course is for you if you have already attended our Word 2013 Foundation course or if you simply want to build on the basic skills you already have from using earlier versions of Microsoft Word.

Course Objectives

After the course, you will be able to:

  • Create Tables
  • Create Newspaper Columns
  • Create AutoText and AutoCorrect Entries
  • Apply Section Breaks
  • Add Odd/Even and Different Headers & Footers
  • Use Advanced Proofing Tools


You will benefit most from this course if you have attended our Word 2013 Foundation course or if you already have good foundation skills in Word.

Course Duration

The duration of this course is one full day from 9:00 to 17:00 with 1 hour for lunch.

Course Location

This course is available on-site, and as a public course here at our training facility in Westpark Business Campus, Shannon.

Course Outline

Create & Apply Styles

  • The Inbuilt style group (home ribbon)
  • Style sets
  • The Style Pane
  • Define Styles
  • Link styles
  • Delete styles
  • Inbuilt Heading Styles and the Navigation Pane
  • Create and modify styles
  • Replacing a style
  • Numbering Using Styles
  • List Styles
  • Table Styles
  • Style options
  • Style Inspector
  • Using the Organizer to transfer styles
  • Shortcut key to a style

Using Outline View

  • Styles in Outline
  • Connecting outline levels to styles
  • Showing and hiding outline levels
  • Promoting and demoting levels
  • Printing your outline

Master Documents

  • Use outlining to create master and subdocuments
  • Insert documents into master document
  • Updating linked documents

Advanced Page Layout Tools

  • Introducing sections and section Breaks
  • Setting the Page layout for a section
  • Change orientation within a section
  • Different Headers and Footers for different sections
  • Odd / Even Header and Footers
  • Different first page
  • Newspaper columns using continuous section breaks
  • Manually editing a header and footer
  • Section control with headers and footers

Tables In MS Word

  • Methods for inserting tables
  • Changing the column widths and row heights
  • Inserting new columns and rows
  • Deleting existing columns and rows
  • Distributing columns and rows evenly
  • Splitting and Merging cells
  • Applying a Pre-set table format (Theme Style)
  • Customising and creating table styles
  • Repeating header rows
  • Splitting a tables
  • Converting a text into a table
  • Converting a table into text
  • Sorting a table
  • Using formulae in a Table
  • The Table Design Ribbon
  • Nesting Tables
  • Drawing tables, resizing and deleting
  • Using tabs within a table
  • Setting table Properties

Word Auto Features

  • Understanding Word 2013 Automatic Features
  • AutoText & Autocorrect
  • Autoformat as you type
  • Smart Tags
  • Customising automatic features
  • Creating autotext entries
  • Using QuickParts

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